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BTS Jimin Recognized as Editorial Writer of the Wall Street Journal
Myles Tanzer, editor of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), a U.S. economic daily, praised Jimin for his interview and photo release.

On the 12th, Myles Tanzer wrote on his SNS, "I'm obsessed with photography. Especially to me, he posted the article, "Specificly the Jimin cover which seems v v iconic to me."

He praised Jimin's speciality by using "Iconic," a term that refers to a steady seller representing the brand, or classical music, that remains unchanged over time.

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The photo was released on the 12th with a short interview by each member after BTS won the "2020 WSJ Magazine 2020 Innovator Awards" music category, showing Jimin's deep and captivating eyes lying down on his desk and his delicate expression to the dark background, flawless white skin, and fingertips.

In the WSJ interview, he said about the process of preparing for the new album, "I'm focusing on music. "I hope all of the tracks on the new album 'BE (Deluxe Edition)' will be on the Billboard Hot 100 list, and I think it will be good to perform at the Grammy Awards."
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