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BTS Jimin, November's boy band's personal brand reputation 'No. 1'
BTS Jimin topped the boy band's personal brand reputation in November.

According to an analysis of big data released by the Korea Institute for Corporate Reputation on the 14th, Jimin, who ranked first in the list, recorded a brand reputation index of 5.19 million 2015 with a brand participation index of 876,082 media index of 1,544,187 communication index of 1,435,087 community index of 1,335,660. Compared with the brand reputation index of 5.51 million 1794 in October, it fell 5.80 percentage points.

Second place was Astro Moon Bin. The participation index of 726,552 Media Index, 120,265 Communication Index, 942,338 Community Index, 1,083,372, was analyzed as the brand reputation index of 3,954,327. Compared to its brand reputation index in October, it rose by 257.28 percentage points. The NCT's Jaehyun, ranked third, was analyzed to have a brand reputation index of 3.87 million 841, with the participation index of 479,110 Media Index of 967,626 Communication Index of 1,263,363,168,318, Community Index. It was up 32.53 percentage points from last month.

Next was V BTS. It was up 0.45 percentage point from October's Brand Reputation Index, while fifth-ranked Astro Cha Eun-woo jumped 43.57 percentage points from the previous month.

"As a result of the analysis of the boy band's personal brand reputation in November, the BTS Jimin brand topped the list," said Koo Chang-hwan, director of the Korea Enterprise Reputation Institute. In the link analysis, "breakthrough, suspicious, and public" was high, and in the keyword analysis, "filter, ami, innovator" was highly analyzed. "In the analysis of positive maintenance rate, positive ratio was 80.02% of positive ratio was analyzed.
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