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BTS Jimin, make a warm world for your fans...Philippine Animal Protection + Donation "Amy Proud"
Fans of BTS (BTS) Jimin are setting an example for a series of animal love and charity activities.

Jimin loves animals so much that he is usually called a "dog+cat." Such feelings were also conveyed to fans at home and abroad. Fans' animal protection donations and charity activities have continued steadily, setting an example of good influence and creating a warm world.

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On the 26th, TEAM AGTJ (Team_agtj), a fan base in the Philippines, released several photos and donations of animal rescue activities in the Philippines to mark Jimin's birthday.

TEAM AGTJ (team_agtj) thanked everyone for supporting Jimin's charity project this year. Thanks to your enthusiastic support, we were able to successfully complete the project,' he said, thanking fans for their participation in charity.

"Thank you to BTS for inspiring me to do this project. We are very proud of you and very proud of being ARMY,' she said, confessing her hot fan sentiment and announcing her warm and meaningful practice of animal love with the birthday celebration phrase 'BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Jimin.'

In addition, Korea's last stop_jimin fan page LSST (last stop_jimin) announced on SNS that it donated the donation of 220kg of feed and 54 pet milk to the Dream of Dogs shelter under Jimin's name in hopes of helping Jimin's favorite dog friends.

In response, model and actress Choi Yeo-jin praised Jimin and her fans for her donation of animal protection on her SNS account, while comedian Hong Yoon-hwa showed her fans' support and warm chemistry through comments.

In commemoration of Jimin's 26th birthday, meaningful donation projects by fans at home and abroad have continued, and donations to animals in desperate need of help have continued due to the prolonged Korona 19.
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