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BTS Jimin "I don't need anything. "BTS for a long time." ARMY's infinite emotion.
"I really don't need anything. I just need to be BTS for a long time."

Jimin of BTS is giving a warm impression to global ARMY.

At midnight on the 13th, BTS will invite "2020 BTS FESTA #BTS B-DAY PARTY!" #BTS_7th_Birthday party_on its official SNS. #BTS7th Birthday #Gift_will_be_Army_BTS7thBday#BTS #BTS_BTS_BTS_BTS_BTS_BTS_BTS_BTSARMY's video was posted.

Jimin said, "I'm going to have a special birthday party with special costumes. Do you remember our one-year birthday party?" reminded us of the one-year birthday party that everyone had prepared together, and the members recalled the time of our one-year birthday party.

Celebrating the seventh anniversary of BTS' debut, the members reenacted their first-anniversary birthday party in costumes that reenacted the concept at the beginning of their debut. The members, divided into the same units as the first anniversary, prepared for their seventh birthday party and overlapped seven years ago, seemed to pass through seven years.

'Is there anything you would like to do with the members in the future?When asked, Jimin said, "I don't need anything. I just need to be BTS for a long time. "That's actually all I need."

Jimin said, "I felt that ARMY's absence was huge during the promotion of this album. It was very empty. I'm definitely thankful that we won first place, and I'm thankful that you've supported us from afar, but there's no ARMY who've always been with us." We'll quickly overcome this situation and wait for everyone to smile at each other and meet again in a better situation."

Meanwhile, BTS successfully held its online real-time performance "Bangbang Concert The Live," which marks the end of "2020 Festa" on the 14th.
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