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BTS Jimin 'Filter', selected as the only Korean song on the playlist of the U.S. Forbes media

The Everygirl, a Chicago-based company that has been named one million followers for three consecutive years on Forbes' "100 Web sites for Millennial Women," has proposed a top 10 list of telecommuting plays by Corona19.

The Everygirl, a lifestyle media outlet that provides tips on overall social activities such as finance, fashion and travel for women around the world, has selected BTS Jimin's "Filter" as the only Korean song along with world-famous singers Troy Sivan's "BLUE" and Billy Joel's "VIENNA" to realize their hot popularity in the U.S.

Jimin's "Filter," which was selected as the "TOP10" playlist, is a Latin pop music that has hit the world, with its deadly tone and sexy lyrics, as well as Latin rhythm that makes Jimin's shoulders flutter, which is the best choice to overcome "Corona Blue."

Jimin's solo song "Filter" recently became a big issue on MTV in the U.S. as it was included in Apple Music's "MUSIC YOU BLANK TO" playlist, one of the world's largest paid music streaming platforms.

MTV said, "(While staying home due to the Corona 19 incident) Would you like to have a dance party with me even if it's far away? I've made a playlist for you to enjoy." Like 'The Everygirl,' I've introduced a playlist for listeners who have been staying at home longer due to social distance.

Jimin's "Filter" has been a hot topic since its release, achieving a triple crown on Billboard's U.S. Singles Chart, Billboard Canada Singles Chart, and the British Official Chart with its powerful music power, and continuing its strong potential, ranking fourth in Billboard's "World Digital Song Sales" category on the 19th as the highest ranking among BTS songs.

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