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BTS Jimin, ARMY's captivating prince visual
Jimin of BTS is making the ARMYs excited again with a bright pink color.

On the 29th, FILA KOREA released a pictorial of BTS Jimin's bright and romantic pink paradise concept with the message "Colorfully #FILA, Like #FILA, a whole new summer #FILA, Be FILA."

In the pictorial, Jimin looks like a parada, wearing a pink short-sleeved shirt, which is the epitome of softness, happiness and cuteness.He is posing as if he found Ish somewhere.

Jimin's sculptural profile and smooth skin, which shine more in color, caught the eye by highlighting the nobleman's visuals to the fullest.

Meanwhile, Big Hit Entertainment posted the "2020 BTS FESTA" schedule on BTS' official SNS on the 29th. Following the preview video on the 28th, fans around the world are anticipating it by posting a schedule of various contents.

BTS holds a "BTS FESTA" in early June every year to communicate with fans by releasing colorful content sequentially in time for its debut date, June 13.

This year, the members will release their own contents from June 1 to June 13. According to the schedule, BTS prepared family photos and photo collections as well as profiles, choreography videos and BTS birthday parties.

Attention is focusing on what content BTS, which hosted "FESTA" every year to entertain fans, will reach fans around the world this year.
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