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BTS Jimin and V. Christmas. Surprise music for fans.
Jimin and V, both of the same age as 1995 of BTS (BTS), gave their fans a surprise music gift for Christmas.

Jimin released the song "Christmas Love" on the online music platform SoundCloud on the 24th, which has a Christmas atmosphere.

The song, which combines cheerful sound with Jimin's unique voice, was produced by Big Hit Entertainment producer Slow Rabbit and participated by Jimin and RM.

"I sang with my feelings when I first saw my favorite snow falling," Jimin said on the BTS blog. "I hope I can listen to the song and go back a little bit to the past that you remember."

V also performed his R&B song "Snow Flower" through SoundCloud on the 25th.

V's low-pitched vocals harmonize with the electronic guitar performance, creating an emotional atmosphere. Singer-songwriter Pickboy, who is known to be close to V, produced and featured together.

"It feels like this year has stopped, and I think there will be many people who feel anxiety and depression as the end of the year approaches," V said. "I hope that white flowers come down to your hearts and feel a little warm comfort and happiness today."

In addition to regular music releases, BTS members have also released various non-regular works to fans for free through SoundCloud.
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