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BTS Jimin, an unforgettable birthday.
BTS Jimin (real name Park Ji-min, 25) celebrated his unforgettable birthday.

Jimin celebrated his birthday on October 13. On the same day, 28 of the top 30 real-time trends on Twitter were filled with birthday wishes for Jimin. In addition, "Savage Love," in which BTS participated in the featuring, topped the U.S. Billboard's main single chart "Hot 100," setting another milestone after "Dinermite," making it an unforgettable birthday for Jimin.

The Twitter trend on this day was related to Jimin's birthday celebration, including #Happy Birthday #Jimin Day #Jimin Bus Day. ARMY from all over the world came out on Jimin BTS's birthday, which has been writing a new history of K-pop day after day.

As Jimin's birthday began after midnight on the 13th, fans all over the world congratulated him on his birthday. Famous official accounts and celebrities also celebrated Jimin's birthday.

Famous U.S. Ellen Show MCs, Mexican TV Radio presenters, Billboard Specialist Jeff Benjamin, WHO Media Director, U.S. company Bagel Bites, MTV Official Accounts, U.S. Paper Magazine, InStyle, Shazam, Sportify Argentina, and other well-known celebrities worldwide, including Radio Wild94.9 and 106.1 KIIS FM. As the pouring celebration filled the real-time Twitter trend, Jimin's unique hashtag, #JIMIN, was mentioned 2.9 million and jimin 5 million.

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On the same day (Korea time), Jimin received a birthday gift called another milestone for BTS. "The remix version of 'Savage Love' involving BTS entered the top spot on the Hot 100 on October 17," the U.S. pop music media Billboard said.

The remix version of "Savage Love," which was released on the 2nd, involved BTS members Suga, J-Hope and Jungkook in the song by American singer Jason Derulo. Along with the English lyrics, BTS even carried out Korean lyrics such as "Love is perhaps a list of feelings at the moment" and "What do I love when conditions are attached?" BTS topped the Hot100 chart for the second time with "Savage Love" after "Dinermite," and also swept the Billboard chart by topping the Hot100 chart first and second with "Savage Love" and "Dinermite" on the 17th. BTS is the first group to win the first and second place of the Hot100 since 2009 when it was the Black Eyed Peas.

Jimin's fans around the world have been enjoying the festival since early on. Celebrating Jimin's birthday, he filled billboards in major areas of Seoul with congratulatory advertisements and shared warm and colorful donations.
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