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BTS J-Hope's self-composed "Byung" and U.S.Esquire Editor "2020 Best Song 30" are picked.
BTS J-Hope's self-composed song was named one of the best songs of the year by a famous U.S. media editor.

According to fans on the 14th, Dave Holmes, editor of the 87-year-old American men's magazine Esquire, released "30 Best Songs of 2020" on his SNS Twitter account on the 12th.

Dave Holmes introduced the songs he chose as "a tough year, great music" and attached links to the playlist of the music streaming site Spotify and Apple Music.

J-Hope's self-composed song "Dis-ease" was introduced for the sixth time and was the only Korean singer to be selected.

"Byung" is an old school hip-hop genre song from BTS's mini-album "BE (Deluxe Edition)" released on the 20th of last month, and was made by J-Hope as the main lyricist, songwriter and producer. It tells the story of comparing the sudden "rest" to a kind of occupational disease and overcoming it.

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The songs selected by Dave Holmes include songs by top pop artists such as Dua Lipa's "Cool," Taylor Swift's "The Last Great American Dynamic" and Lady Gaga's "Babylon," as well as works by American, British and Irish singer-songwriter musicians. The non-English-speaking artist has only two songs: "Byung" and "Anthropic" by Indonesia's Hillang Child.

The "Byeong" has received constant favorable reviews from critics at home and abroad since its announcement. Korean music webzine "IZM" released a review of the album "BE" on the 4th, including "Byeong" as well as "How to Travel My Room" and "A Moment."

U.S. music review media Consensus of Sound (CoS) ranked "Byeong" 32nd in "2020 Top 50 Songs of the Year" on the 4th. CoS said, "In 2020, loss and sadness continued, but hopeful songs by pop artists like Lady Gaga and BTS made us laugh and dance. 'Byung' is a cleverly styled song, overwhelmingly outstanding song, and a retro masterpiece," he said.

The Art Dask, a British media outlet specializing in art reviews, introduced "Bottles" as "a song of rhythmic hip-hop groove" on the 23rd of last month and called it "the best song in the album." Peter Quinn, a pianist and composer who wrote the article, praised it as "one of the best pop songs of 2020."

Famous British and American media outlets, including Independent, NME, Time and Slant Magazine, had also poured out favorable reviews for the "disease."
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