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BTS J-Hope, Global Army Moved by the Doll Disclosure of Dolls...Why?
J-Hope (J-HOPE, Jung Ho-seok), a member of the group BTS, released a special meaningful doll, catching the eyes of global fans.

On the morning of the 6th (Korean time), J-Hope posted a photo of the world-renowned pop artist KAWS' art toy "TAKE" with a black heart on BTS' official Twitter account.

"TAKE" is a tribute to George Floyd of the United States, who died in a police crackdown, and depicts Klaus' signature character "Companion" hugging each other.

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BTS J-Hope /Photo Source=BTS Official Twitter

The company said it will collect 250,000 U.S. dollars from the sale and donate it to the black human rights groups Color of Change and Black Lives Matter.

BTS tweeted on June 4 that "We oppose racism. We are against violence. I, you, we all have the right to be respected. I will join you," he said, expressing his support for the anti-racism movement in the United States and around the world.

He then donated $1 million to "Black Lives Matter" under the names of BTS and Big Hit Entertainment, while the Ami fan club also donated more than $1 million with more than 38,000 participants.

J-Hope has always exerted good influence through meaningful consumption. Last year, he reportedly owned a glass bead craft produced by Monkeybiz, a non-profit organization that helps South African women stand on their own feet, and wore a campaign T-shirt to improve breast cancer awareness.
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