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BTS in the forest, 'Life Goes On -in the forest'
The group BTS has released another version of the music video for its new song 'Life Goes On'.

BTS uploaded the music video for the title track "Life Goes On" of its new album "BE (Deluxe Edition)" on its official YouTube channel on the 26th. The title 'Life Goes On' Official MV : in the Forest' implied the concept. In a different mood from the previously released version of "on my pillow," BTS has produced two more new versions of music videos in addition to the music videos released at the same time as the album's release, drawing favorable responses from fans around the world.

If the music video of the previous version of "on my pillow" showed a freewheeling side of singing around the bed in pajamas, this version of "in the Forest" offers healing to viewers by portraying the peaceful appearance of BTS enjoying sunshine and wind amid the clear sky, lawns and trees.

The music video's title 'in the first' is also the lyrics of 'Life Goes On,' just like 'on my fillow.' Like the meaning of 'In the Forest', BTS sings 'Life Goes On' against the backdrop of a green forest.

Meanwhile, with its digital single 'Dynamite' on January 31 next year, BTS made a new history in Korean pop music history, naming it as the winner of the 'BEST Pop DUO/GROUP PERFORMANCE' category at the 63rd GRAMMY AWARDS.
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