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BTS From Jimin's songs to Sugar's guitar playing... RM, happy birthday. 'Cute explosion.'
On the afternoon of the 12th, BTS leader RM turned on V LIVE to thank fans for celebrating his birthday.

On the same day, RM took the time to communicate with fans while he was busy with his busy schedule. RM said, "I always listen to Rain on my birthday," and briefly played Rain's song to his fans. Because the song is titled "September 12," the same title as his birthday.

Later, J-Hope, Jimin and Jungkook appeared holding cakes and singing happy birthday songs. RM enjoyed his birthday by dancing with the members. He also said, "J-Hope was the first to congratulate me." J-Hope celebrated RM's birthday again, saying, "Have a happy day."

Jin then appeared to wake up in a hurry. The members burst into laughter when they saw Jin's back hair pressed. Sugar also made a surprise appearance playing the guitar. RM cheered, saying, "The grasshopper is here." As he left after the celebration, Jungkook confessed his sincerity to his fans, saying, "I miss ARMY." "If you have any leftover cake, bring it," Chin said with a smile. Meanwhile, V previously posted a video on his official Twitter account containing a voice celebrating RM's birthday.

After all the members went out, RM thanked Billboard's "Hot 100" No. 1 for the second consecutive week, saying, "It's all thanks to you." Also, "It's almost a new album. "Please look forward to it," he said, "The spoiler is dangerous, so I'll be careful." RM said, "My body got a little bigger while exercising, but please don't get me wrong. "It's Helene," he said, drawing attention.

Finally, RM said to those struggling in the aftermath of Corona19, "Now is actually a difficult time just to hold out. "Let's go through this winter and spring together, praying for your recovery."

Internet users who watched the show responded enthusiastically, saying, "Thank you for being born," "Let's go together on spring day," "Happy birthday," and "Congratulations, members are so cute."

Meanwhile, BTS will perform "Dynamite" on NBC's "America's Got Talent" on the 17th (Korean time) and "iHeartRadio Music Festival" on the 19th.
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