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BTS First Korean Singer to Win 'Billboard Hot 100'
The U.S. Billboard chart says BTS' new song dynamite has topped the new Billboard single Hot 100 chart.

The Hot100 chart is a weekly ranking that shows the most popular songs in the U.S. by combining streaming performance, music sales, and radio frequency.

This was the first time that a Korean singer topped the Billboard Hot100 chart, and so far, Psy's Gangnam Style ranked second in 2012.

BTS has topped the Billboard 200 chart four times so far.

If the Billboard200 is heavily influenced by the size of the fandom, the Hot100, the ranking for a single song, is known to be more competitive and difficult for non-English-speaking singers to take the top spot.

[BTS Suga/Online Press Conference (August 21): (The new song "Dinermite" is a song that I started with the hope that everyone will cheer up during this time of exhaustion, so I hope many people will cheer up and comfort themselves by listening to the song.)]

On the other hand, the song released in February this year won four awards, including the so-called Emmy of the music video industry, the Video Music Awards on MTV, and the Best Pop and Best Choreography on VMA.
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