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BTS drops new promotional song for Seoul City, website crashes
The release of BTS’ promotional track for the City of Seoul on the city’s official website has sent fans into a viewing frenzy, causing the website to crash.

The song, titled ‘With Seoul’ was released for free on Seoul City’s official tourism website on Wednesday at noon Korea time.

Screenshot of BTS` promotional video for Seoul City (Seoul City)
Screenshot of BTS` promotional video for Seoul City (Seoul City)

When the clock struck noon, the website came crashing down as fans of BTS, collectively known as ARMY, invaded in a bid to check out the new release.

As of 3 p.m., three hours since its release, the website is still down, with a notice that says, “Visit Seoul users may experience service interruptions during the next few hours.”
According to Seoul City, the new track which reflects “the warmth and beauty of Seoul City as envisioned by BTS” is an orchestral-pop track with undertones of Korean traditional music.

The music video for the song is slated for release on Dec. 13 via Visit Seoul’s YouTube channel.
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