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BTS Drama 'Blue Sky', production start... "First shooting in September."
The drama "Blue Sky," which depicts the world view and growth of BTS (Jimin, RM, J-Hope, Jin, Suga, V, and Jungkook), will begin full-scale production.

An official from the drama bureau told Daily Sports on the 17th that "Blue Sky," a drama produced by the general entertainment group Green Snake, has taken the first step toward production, including auditioning and directing meetings for cast members."

The production of the drama was already known earlier this year, but there was no broken information. It's all about BTS. The title was "Blue Sky." Producer Kim Jae-hong will direct the film. He has a history of co-directed the early hits of JTBC's founding, "The Palace Snake - The War of Flowers," "The Wife of Your Neighbor," "Yuna's Street" and "Love Eundonga." The play is written by Kim Soo-jin, who co-authored "Oldsmith Diary," "I Live in Cheongdam-dong" and "Songgeot."

The story of the drama melts BTS members from their school days to their debut days. Of course, the big frame is BTS, but the details change. Fiction is added to the image of members who are sons of someone and brothers of someone, and the memories of students at school. I don't name the characters by their real names. It is still a question mark whether to include new names in each character and reveal which member it matches.

It is currently holding auditions for major actors. Actors know the contents of a synopsis containing basic contents of a typical drama, but "Blue Sky" is never leaked in advance because of its tight security. All he does is watch and act on some of the scripts given by the production team at the scene. The shooting will begin in September. Once auditions are in full swing and the cast is cleared up to some extent, the plan is to start the first round in September after script reading.

If it goes as planned, it will be unfortunate, but it is impossible to watch it on air this year. It is discussing next year's programming and is discussing various possibilities including OTT (Over The Top) platform, not TV.
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