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BTS Dicon Magazine 'BTS Goes on!' Preliminary Edition
Gmarket Global Shop, a reverse direct purchase platform operated by eBay Korea, will pre-order and sell BTS (BTS) Dicon Photo Magazine "BTS Goes on!" from 10 a.m. on the 18th.

It heated up the Billboard with this year's new songs "Dinemite" and "Life Goes On" and contains BTS' colorful charm, which was selected as this year's entertainer by the U.S. weekly magazine "Time." The seven members' personal version of the magazine is sold for 31,700 won and the comprehensive version is sold for 43,700 won, and additional appendices other than magazines are provided.

Individual versions will be provided with ▲ key ring (2 pages) ▲ Accordian Soldier Postcard (3 chapters) ▲ 3rd stage transformation lenticular cover + 12 mini-calendar ▲ photo cards (5 chapters). The comprehensive version will be provided with 8 types of ▲bromide (7 individuals, 1 group) ▲ Renticula cover + Calendar for table use ▲ Full body stickers (1 page) ▲ 10 types of photo cards (7 individuals, 3 pages for groups).

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Pre-sale of Dicon 'BTS Goes on!' Magazine at Gmarket-G Market Global Shop

The Korean version of Dicon magazine "BTS Goes on!" is also available in the U.S., the U.K., Germany, Canada, and France, with G-Market Mini Shop and G-Market of Quten Japan as well as G-Market. The English version is sold only at Gmarket Global Shop, which has established itself as a K-pop hub among overseas customers.

"We pre-order and sell photo magazines that reflect the high demand of BTS fans at home and abroad," said Na Young-ho, head of eBay Korea's strategic business division. "In particular, the English version can only be found at Gmarket Global Shop."
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