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BTS] CG-like 'V' visual, BTS' cute four-dimensional V!
Let's find out the profile of cute four-dimensional V of Billboard singer BTS!

Born in Geochang on December 30, 1995, his real name is Kim Tae-hyung, who has a creative and cute four-dimensional aspect. V's conception dream is unique like V's, but the story goes like this. It was said that his father won the game with the dragon and won the game of billiards, and received a cintamani from the dragon. It is interpreted that a baby who is born with power, honor, and wealth, and a baby who will become a promising celebrity in society will be born.

BTS Official Blog
BTS Official Blog
V was born in Geochang-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do and grew up in the countryside as a child. Due to the influence, his childhood dream was to be a farmer. And as time went by, I dreamed of becoming a saxophonist as I learned saxophone at my father's recommendation during my school days, and even hoped to go to an art high school, but I couldn't. However, V was able to join the Big Hit after his friend's audition for Big Hit Entertainment, which caught the eyes of the judges at the time and became a BTS.

V is famous for being a "secret weapon" that was not revealed until just before BTS's debut when each member was released ahead of its debut, which contains the sad anxiety of Big Hit Entertainment and its strategy.

Big Hit Entertainment, formerly a small and medium-sized agency, strategically unveiled V just before his debut as a "secret weapon" due to the anxiety that other large agencies would scout V, who was handsome when he confirmed his debut and had a husky voice in mid- to low-pitched voice.
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