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BTS certified by Guinness as most retweeted band
Following the band’s groundbreaking stateside debut on the American Music Awards on Sunday, K-pop juggernauts BTS broke a Guinness World Record as the most retweeted band.

On Tuesday, Guinness World Records announced via its official Twitter account that the band landed a spot in the 2018 book for having the world’s most Twitter engagements for a music group.

In the latest edition, which was updated in May this year, BTS, with 152,112 average retweets per post, fell below English singer-songwriter Harry Styles at 180,607 retweets on average.

However, as of Wednesday, BTS, boasted 254,609 retweets per post, leaping over Harry Styles, whose average retweet figure dropped to 164,873, according to Social Blade.

There have been over 20 million tweets on the band following their appearance on the AMAs, according to ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

(Twitter @GWR)
(Twitter @GWR)
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