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BTS (BTS) "We will cheer for all the young people in Korea."
The BTS delivered a message of support to young Koreans.

"Young people in Korea have always been strong and great," the BTS said at the first Youth Day ceremony held at the presidential office of Cheong Wa Dae on Wednesday. BTS will support all young people in Korea."

"If you are having a hard time in your future life, I hope our story will be a small help," they said, explaining their experience of overcoming the moment of frustration and even reaching the top of Billboard after their debut.

J-Hope said, "I've been listening to the wonderful expressions 'Billboard No. 1 singer' and 'Global Star' lately, but I still feel unrealistic. In fact, idol jobs are like a road without a milestone."

"I don't know where my walking path is headed, whether it's uphill or downhill from now on, whether it's paradise or cliff in front of my nose," he said. "That's how we started."

"When I debuted seven years ago, I started to walk an unpredictable path with my spirit, passion, and spite as my weapon," Suga said. "I desperately memorized the order, saying that all the hard things will pass in the long run."

RM said, "At a time when all seven members were wandering around 2018 with excessive success, seven of them instilled dreams and faith in each other at the end of anxiety and depression that the descent might begin again and that heavy rain might pour."

"I seemed to have lost my goal, and I really worked hard to get out of the void," V said. "I decided to cheer up again, thinking about the members and the fans."

RM said, "It became No. 1 on the Billboard chart in August 2020, and we were all grateful with tears," adding, "The more grateful thing is the members and fans who held each other firmly and supported us at the moment of abandonment and fall."

"Stay as brave as you have done," Chin said. "With great thoughts, change the world and be the light of the times for future youth."

The BTS delivered the "2039 Gift" containing musical achievements and messages to President Moon, which will be kept at the Korean History Museum and unveiled at the 20th Youth Day ceremony in 2039.
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