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BTS (BTS) K-pop Radar Week 'No.1' followed by 'Boy With Luv' music video with 1 billion views
Group BTS has recaptured the top spot on the K-pop radar weekly chart.

BTS's "Dynamite" music video topped the K-pop radar chart in its 43rd week (October 18 to October 24) in 2020. He rose to the throne again in about eight weeks after topping the charts in the 35th week of September.

Despite the release of new music videos by several global idols, including NCT U and Seventeen, in the 43rd week of the release of "Dinermite," BTS regained the top spot by maintaining its top popularity in the ninth week of its release.

In particular, it is all the more noteworthy in the history of K-pop radars because it is the first time in the history of K-pop radar that it has topped the list more than two months after This proves its influence on BTS, which is also running for a long time on the global chart.

According to K-pop radar, the music video for "Dinermite" recorded 29.53 million views this week, up nearly 110 percent from 26.94 million views recorded in the past 42 weeks. In addition, the 43rd week's view count was higher than the 40th and 41st weeks a month ago, confirming once again the "dynamite" craze that has not cooled down.

In addition to "Dinermite," "Boy With Luv" also reached 1 billion views, adding 12.6 million views to its 43rd week. BTS, which achieved 1 billion views through DNA in June, again achieved 1 billion views for the second time with "Boy With Luv," becoming the first K-pop boy group to have two 1 billion views with music videos.

K-pop radar said, "The music video for 'DNA' took 987 days to reach 1 billion views, while 'Poetry for Small Things' exceeded 1 billion views in 562 days, about 14 months earlier."

"As of the 67th day of its release, the number of views for 'Dinermite' music video is increasing about 1.5 times faster than 'Poetry for the Small," he said. "We will be able to break our own record by achieving the shortest 1 billion views with 'Dinermite'."
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