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"BTS Bang Bang Con" earned 25 billion won in 90 minutes..."World's largest online paid performance"

The group BTS has attracted more than 756,600 fans worldwide through online live performances.

BTS (RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook) held an online live concert "Bangbang Con The Live" (hereinafter "Bangbang Con") from 6 p.m. on the 14th.

According to its agency Big Hit Entertainment, the performance was watched in a total of 107 regions, including South Korea, the United States, Britain, Japan and China, with some 756,600 viewers. The maximum number of simultaneous visitors reached 756,600, or 15 performances at the stadium, which can accommodate more than 50,000 people, is the largest paid online concert in the world.

Ticket prices for "Bangbang Concert," which was a paid performance, were set at 29,000 won for members and 39,000 won for non-members. For members, the average price of offline concert tickets is about a quarter of 120,000 won. If the average number of viewers is 756,600, which is estimated to have earned at least 25 billion won in ticket revenue.

The concept of "Bangbang Concert" was to invite fans to BTS' rooms. The stage design consisted of a total of five rooms and two stages, and the hall was even arranged to feel like entering a real room, giving a friendly and free-spirited feeling throughout the performance.

BTS moved from room to room and sang songs such as "Dope," "Excited BTS," "Like It," and "Just One Day," "Jamais Vu," "Respect," "Friend," "Black Swan," "Poetry for Small Things," "Go Go Go Beyond Go," "Anpanman" and "12 Days." This is more lively with six multi-view screens.

"Bangbangcon" was conducted in collaboration with Keith Wi Mobile, a live streaming solution company in the U.S., which recently signed a business agreement with Big Hit.

Big Hit and Kiswi Mobile have established a multi-view streaming system so that fans can enjoy the performance in real time by selecting the screens they want to see among the six different multi-view screens that are played at the same time, not the set screens. They ranged from close-ups where you can see the members up close as if you are making a video call to full shots where you can enjoy the colorful choreography.

BTS prepared special gifts for fans who have been waiting for the concert for a long time. The members released their fourth full-length pre-released song "Black Swan" and "Boy With Luv," which were reborn with new performances, saying, "We prepared it as a preview of the tour performance."

In particular, Ami is newly configured 'at the time for the little things' for the concert night colors change to work with choreographer frosting on the stage it adds up to be using the umbrella ledI made. Although the space is far away, it drew attention as a production to express that it is connected to fans through Amibam.

In addition, "JamaBeu," "Respect" and "Friend" from their fourth full-length album "MAP OF THE SOUL: 7," released in February, were also sung for the first time at the concert. Through the unit song, the members presented a variety of unique sets, including colorful LED screens and bus stop concepts, and rich attractions with stage costumes. Then, they gathered in a room decorated like a music studio and sang parts of "UGH!" and "Zero O'Clock" from their fourth full-length album in a free-spirited manner.

At the end of the "Bangbang Concert," BTS sent a message of thanks and support to ARMY around the world. J-Hope said, "I hope that our love for the stage will be conveyed as much as we prepared hard for it. I'm happy to be on stage and sweating," he said. Jimin said, "We're trying to grow up among ourselves and we're getting over it even when you're not around. "I hope you can find the times that will make you happier at this time and overcome them well, and meet them with a smile.

Suga said, "Thank you for watching our performances and appearances from all over the world. "Let's meet again," he said. "I hope we can perform soon. I want to see the Ami with my eyes. Jungkook said, "You gave us a lot of love from all over the world, so we did our best on stage, and I hope this stage will be another start for us." Jin and RM each said, "We were so happy together, and if we had a chance, we would definitely go see you," and "Spring Day of BTS and ARMY will definitely come back."

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