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BTS Announces Suspension of Group Activities, Is It Landing or Another Takeoff?
Bangtan Boys of on hiatus, news organizations around the world, fans in shock.“team activity and the beginning of each activity using a combination of a new chapter.” is the Hive said.Chapter 2 The focus of his solo career.

Wouldn't it be added if you can get something like ‘list to be careful the K-pop industry officials’ maybe ‘hiatus (interruption)’ is first.Bangtan Boys on June 14 (bts) of the group threw shocked fans around the world as the news of moratorium.The official channel posted on YouTube ‘I put on flak Dining together’ members in the video, “squeeze, clenching spasm, and provides the words (Sugar)” “In view of the ongoing change is certainly needed (J-hope)”, saying it indicated the intention to concentrate on individual projects.Feel free to talking seat, marking the ninth anniversary of her debut.이 맥락이 활동 중단을 뜻하는 hiatus로 번역되면서 혼란이 시작된다.

Randy West music critic living in North America in the early stages, point there was ‘outcry’ in the country than abroad.“in the history of pop groups to announce hiatus If you don't get back together again after interpreted as ‘ominous’ than the actual surface because she had a lot more sense of nuance.”In fact, the British newspaper The Times, The Sidae 〈 allow space to page 3 June 16 ‘Why did the world's largest boy band is split’ were analyzed.The chivalry ‘the disintegration of pop singers that make us cry’ during the box.Smith, the Beatles, Oasis suddenly the Declaration, such as bands have been mentioned.The Guardian, The Sidae 〈 was the article titled, ‘According to the K-pop : Everyone chill out super fan, declaring the moratorium of the bts not big deal.’ on June 18.But the Hive's share price plummeted nearly 25 percent in a day to aggregate market value has evaporated about 2 trillion won.If subtitles are changed to ‘temporary break (temporary rest)’.

“pain did not, but of course, very bitter at the same time.” leader rm not suspend the dismantling and activities in the Community ‘WEAVUS’, handled the aftermath of the fans.But not just translation posed by the wrong way been proven we can not paint.Bts for full because it is actually more difficult to see on stage.Agency said it was “bts the beginning of each activity using a combination of a new chapter with the team activity.” on June 15 is the Hive.The focus of ‘Chapter 1’ or ‘Chapter two’ if the group in the past nine years his solo career.

The sudden moratorium on the news group analysis is brought against him.Foreign news agencies are seen as the first ‘South Korea's military service,’.While it is not specifically mentioned in the image bts members are facing military enlistment, sequentially.The eldest brother, born in 1992 of activities should be ‘whole’ among fans because they joined the army, members of the end of this year, will make that Trees are getting greener.That, plus 〈 proof it was released June 10, (proof), The Sidae bts debut nine years Anthology filled with songs which compiles the activities (compilation) form.Coony fans ‘the change in course of action may be.’, a hunch.

Nonetheless, news came as ‘impact statement’ by fans around the world a solo career of the bts.Why music critics see it, bts to adhere to the basic activities of the group “unusual”.Randy and critic fans than unconditional, the group started to gain popularity is bts when cheering sentiment has spread and engaged noteworthy is that individual members.“엠넷의 오디션 프로그램 〈프로듀스 101〉이 개인 팬덤을 형성하며 큰 인기를 끌 때도 BTS는 솔로곡을 그룹의 앨범에 수록하거나, 그룹 콘서트의 일부로 솔로 무대를 하는 식으로 개별 활동을 그룹 활동 속에 녹여내는 방식을 택했다.As they came out and group even I love you so many times to the bts. "

Idol in this industry ‘seven years’ There is a saying.Agency to enrage many groups that will be substantially dismantled the seventh consecutive year the end of his contract into the car.Reveal the short shelf life of the idol.In this way, I think globally popular member of a group of 10 years without lasting is rarely the case.If not enter into ‘separately and together,’ mode is even rarer for a long time.Under these circumstances, bts's success is very unusual phenomenon.

Idol ‘military risk’ million in hard.

Fans have expressed more to be desired in the rest being taken in group activities rather than entering the military.One fan is operating with ‘Army (army)’ “The other group members are to join the military even if remaining members themselves to releasing an album bts was group a declaration to make the album.” said.하이브 측은 자체 제작 예능인 ‘달려라 방탄’ 촬영을 비주기적으로 계속할 계획이라고 발표했지만, 음반 활동이 없는 이상 그룹 활동 중단으로 봐야 하는 게 아니냐는 지적도 있다.

So, simply Idol's difficult to explain the decision of the ‘military risk’ and bts.Bts members unprecedented frank about their feelings.Kim Yoon Ha, pop music critic for “K-pop idol system itself is not let a person age.” rm leader of the message is very impressive." They are the most glamorous idol but also a singer-songwriter at the same time.No longer independent can't create a message when they faced deep disappointment would have been quite extensive.The honest naturally reveal their agony. "

According to this plan of the original members of the 2020 announced early in the fourth formal album 〈 one wanted to finish the season with the map of the Sol (map of the soul) : 7, The Sidae.But the WHO argued 19 Unexpected corona, massive world tour is cancelled, and his solo career, suspended.Mega hit, met during that time, the ‘(dynamite) dynamite’.Billboard single chart for the first time in Korean singers ‘Hot 100’ single English, the No. 1 spot.But rm review like this at the time." The feeling of our team was on the (My hands) by dynamite, the butter, permission to which team I don't know if we and the dance.What are the stories I may be. "다른 멤버들도 쉴 틈 없이 이어진 활동 속에 음악적 고민이 컸음을 털어놓았다.

Some of the fans of the agency accumulated into complaints of the move.Listed on the stock market by 2020 is the Hive and went to business have in a short time scale.In the process, the Webtoons to, and Web stories, nft bts project revenue and some criticism from fans.Another album before troops ‘Ami’ said the last group was looking forward to a first action this year, the sale of goods.Job as a stage singing and agency to musical artists only got the impression that maximizing profits without investment. " Fandom said the atmosphere.Made members of the member to participate in the clothes of the 10 million won more than Webtoons are insincere to the rising criticism that a main character to be set at a high figure, bts, too.

“Some fans understand that.”

Critics bts in this situation is ‘an empty music’ with fans say it would not have wanted to.Lee Jee-young HUFS semiosiseu Research Center research professor at the 2018 hk 〈 bts wrote Sidae. Art RevolutionOften cited ‘the story of one member’ as one of the identity of bts.이 교수는 데뷔 초창기 BTS의 가사가 사회비판적 성격에서 점차 인종·성별·국적에 관계없이 나를 사랑하고 폭력을 끝내자는 메시지로 ‘성장’했다고 본다.In fact, 〈 the Mood for Love, The Sidae 〈, DIY, (love yourself), The Sidae Sidae such as album, brush of the map 〈 bts's message is assessed that extend the value of more than music.Last month, the U.S. Asian to stamp out hate crime story at the White House." The rapport cemented through those early days in small agency, where required a ‘proof’ who withdrew as a hiphop idol from wielding unchecked power to be mainstream now.A confusion arose and deep thinking what position are you going to do to music in this situation. "

Some ‘made out of even bts’ K-pop to shed light on the system.Randy Sir critic is “loss of direction from his identity and burnout, is silk is not an issue for the K-pop industry.”.The American singer recently of his retirement as an example a ceramic cat.As an indie rapper who rose to stardom while he was famous about your daily lives and changed since inflammation, Internet bullying due to fatigue mentioned frequently.Recently when singer who had a Collaboration with bts tiktok ‘trying to not announce the label is my song.’ through ‘Prior to presentation tiktok The Viral the excessive demands that I've been working on it.’, a complaint.

‘Ami’ in the chaos around the world, cheers and support through the sns.〈 bts and Army culture, The Sidae the cultural researcher Dr. ijiaeng saw navigation as happens with fans and soul-searching in the past nine." I looked at them, ‘Don't feel guilty about to be happy.’ ‘You don't want something will be exhausted.’ There are many stories.Artist's long growth for the activities of time and money should be given fans understand that, " he said.

K-pop artists at the top left the rest of the many questions.2018 is a member of the Sugar said, “The crash landing you afraid I'm not afraid.” in an interview.State of mind ‘an old style computer (yet to come)’ new songs released on June 10, members are standing out a lot more.It's you guys say when someone mentions ‘ our best.Full of unknown names it's just heavy. ’ bts for another takeoff or landing is?Inspissated story is ‘moratorium’ only over the second season of bts to depth and complexity.
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