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BTS 7-person, 7-color Hanbok Charm
Group BTS dressed up in hanbok and delivered New Year's greetings for the Lunar New Year.

BTS released a video titled "The New Year's card of BTS full of blessings has arrived" on its official YouTube channel at 8 p.m. on the 10th.

BTS appeared in a seven-member, seven-colored hanbok with each charm, and devoted all his energy to making a 2021 relay New Year's card. V and Jungkook, who cut off the first tape of the relay, showed off their outstanding painting skills by drawing a lucky bag and a cow on a white drawing paper for the three minutes given.

Jin and J-Hope, who took over the baton, colored the sketch drawn earlier by V and Jungkook with crayons and markers. Jin and J-Hope were especially motivated to complete the coloring process in a limited time, drawing laughter.

Finally, RM, Suga, and Jimin started decorating the greeting cards. The three used stickers, masking tape, etc. to make a border, write the words "Happy New Year" and "Happy New Year" to complete the New Year's card, and say, "Happy New Year and as much as a cow! "I hope you can bring a lot of blessings that are not small," he said in a friendly greeting to his fans.

The seven members who gathered in one place said, "The members' lucky bags with blood, sweat, and tears will come to ARMY's "Happy New Year," he said, wrapping up his "making a relay New Year's card."

Meanwhile, BTS will release "BE (Essential Edition)" on the 19th to reward fans around the world for writing a new history of being nominated for the 2021 Grammy Awards and topping the U.S. Billboard singles chart "Hot 100".
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