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BTS 400 Million Views Added 'Butter' Music Video
The music video for the group BTS digital single "Butter" has surpassed 400 million views.

The YouTube view count of the "Butter" music video, which was released on May 21, exceeded 400 million around 11:01 p.m. on the 28th. "Butter" is the 13th BTS music video to have more than 400 million views on YouTube.

BTS set the first milestone for the group in the 21st century, topping the U.S. Billboard's main single chart "Hot 100" on July 3. In addition, the weekly streaming ranking in Oricon, Japan, remained at the top for five consecutive weeks, from May 31 to the latest chart (June 28).

The music video was followed by a heated response to the song. The music video of "Butter" exceeded 3.9 million simultaneous users at the time of its release, achieving the highest YouTube Premier Music Video viewing record ever, and recorded 18.2 million views in 24 hours, the highest 24-hour view record in YouTube music video history.

Guinness World Records listed "Butter" music videos as new records in four categories: "YouTube Video Premiere Most Views", "YouTube Music Video Premiere Most Views in 24 Hours", "YouTube Music Video Most Views in 24 Hours" and "K-Pop Group's Most Views YouTube Music Video in 24 Hours".

BTS's "Butter" is a summer song with an exciting and cheerful atmosphere, featuring an ear-catching bass line and a refreshing synth sound from the beginning.

BTS will release its single "Butter" on the 9th of next month. The CD will contain additional new songs along with "Butter."
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