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BTS, "2020 KBS Song Festival," Desperate to Meet in 2021
Group BTS gave a warm greeting to the ARMY.

On the afternoon of the 18th, the "2020 KBS Song Festival" was held at KBS Hall in Yeouido, Seoul.

On this day, BTS said, "This is the BTS that you want to see." "We were able to spend this year well because you gave us a lot of love." I hope ARMY will be happy as well."

"We are having a good time in 2020 despite the bad situation," he said. "Let's cheer up next year as well."

Especially, V said, "Spoil the stage for this year's K-pop festival." "I should show you a special performance. I thought about it, and I'll show you a hint," he said, posing with his hands together while holding the microphone to his side by side.

Jung-kook also expressed his desire to say to his fans in five words: 'I need ARMY." "I really want to see ARMY in 2021," he added.

RM also said, "I hope everyone watching will be healthy and happy."

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Earlier in the day, BTS members recalled Suga, who was recovering from a shoulder operation, during a time of expressing his feelings that he had not been able to convey. Jimin said, "In fact, there was a huge gap in my brother's surgery this time," adding, "I felt his absence a lot."

RM said, "It was really hard at the press conference because he didn't have his own care, which is intuitive and cool," and V added, "I think I know then how much trouble you're having."

J-Hope praised Suga's song, saying, "When we were together, it was very embarrassing to compliment him. I've worked on many songs this year, and I want to tell you that the songs are really good and great."

Jin said, "Without you, the members' atmosphere was down," and added, "There were a lot of times when your jokes broke out, but it's so sad that there's nothing like that."
The "2020 KBS Song Festival" has put forward the slogan "Connect" with the meaning of connecting the situation where singers and fans cannot meet with the new Korona virus (Korona 19) to "music" and "stage."
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