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Bodyfriend releases ad video for 'Summer Health Care Act' with BTS
Bodyfriend announced on the 24th that it has released its seventh ad episode of "#7 Summer Health Care Solution" on TV-CF and its YouTube channel since July 18.

The episode begins with RM, Jin, Jimin and Jungkook in the midst of concept meetings. After the meeting, everyone was about to get up, and the rest of the members looked surprised at Jungkook, who was sitting in the massage chair. Jungkook, who was sitting in a massage chair and had a meeting, froze. Jungkook's breath-taking image gives him a cool smile.

The ad wanted to convey the unique features of Bodyfriend massage chairs, which offer cool massage on sheets with cold wind system even in hot summer, through BTS members.

Bodyfriend's massage chair cold and hot wind system, where cool air comes from fine holes in the waist, sides and buttocks sheets, is released by applying it to best-selling lines of "Parao II COOL" and "Phantom II COOL." In addition to the cold wind, the warm wind can be operated in each of the three stages, making it comfortable and pleasant to get a massage regardless of season and weather.

In addition to this advertisement, a total of seven new episodes will be released sequentially by the end of the year. Each episode takes 30 seconds (edited 15 seconds) and shows the members using body-friend massage chairs in real life and taking care of themselves in various ways. The behind-the-scenes footage of the advertisement will only be exclusively screened at Bodyfriend's nationwide exhibition halls.
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