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Release Date: October 10, 2016
Versions: W, I, N, G

WINGS Tracklist:
1. Intro: Boy Meets Evil
2. Blood Sweat & Tears
3. Begin
4. Lie
5. Stigma
6. First Love
7. Reflection
9. Awake
10. Lost
11. BTS Cypher 4
12. Am I Wrong
13. 21st Century Girl 21세기 소녀
14. Two! Three! (Hoping for Better Days) 둘! 셋! (그래도 좋은 날이 더 많기를)
15. Interlude: Wings

The lyrics for “Blood Sweat & Tears” were inspired by Demian by author Hermann Hesse.

RM explained the meaning behind the song, saying, “The harder a temptation is to resist, the more you think about it and vacillate. That uncertainty is part of the process of growing. [Blood Sweat & Tears] is a song that shows how one thinks, chooses, and grows.”

Suga also explained that, “The song relays an optimistic determination to use our wings to go far, even if we are met with temptations in life.”

With lyrics that start out by saying “You worth it you perfect, Deserve it just work it” the song “21st Century Girl” aims to help encourage women.

It’s pretty much a feminist anthem to inspire women to feel more comfortable in their own skin and ignore the pressure of society to be perfect.

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