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"LA Concert". BTS. "Leave an important line in your life".
Bangtan Boys group successfully by (la) Los Angeles, day two concert performances (bts).

Bangtan Boys is 28, (local time) performed with Day 2 sofa ‘bts permission to a stage dance - la’ at the stadium.They are ‘a’, ‘It's hot’, ‘buttered up version.’, ‘Fake love’, ‘Life which Sir Edmund William Gosses’, ‘at the time for the little things’, ‘dynamite’, ‘butter’, ‘idol’, ‘Permission to Dance’ and other hit songs called in a row.‘butter’ surprise appearance is decorated American female rapper with Megan The seutaellieon.

Corona stopped 19 in the wake of the song is the last face-to-face to resume in two years, a concert when they greeted fans before the audit.

J-hope first is today into Korean.Pour your heart a day as the only Korean concert four times all areas, said " many around the world to a concert this la ‘Ami’ (name of the fandom and army) you if you visit me.Very meaningful, like you a concert for all the fans.

" WHO argued to continue following the situation came to two years and cheering for the battle cry came to hear is my history and memories will be too great a part on the same thought and will mean extra.That's how you come here today ‘Ami’ you can be proud, added.

In addition, J-hope said, also matter, we have to you, and resulting in a meaningful performance.Is vital to the memory on the memories in your life today underscores a line, that ieotkkil.

" Today, I'll do it in Korean is followed by Jimin.A little bit more because I just want to remember passing the details.Transfer to a lot of emotions yesterday we think, “You want to see when you meet while waiting for you, and I want to do so thank you for a hard time.”, begin to talk.

As " This is not a, but it's far too awkward.Performed in front of cameras in two years without any fans in Korea, but you're in front of the seven or eight years ago because I get too much we gave them Wait, " In the meantime, is an honor and emotion.Thanks. Thank you so happy.Continue to show good image to so eager.I love you, " added.

See the original but rm " body out of bed this morning in English felt laboriousness.More nervous because I spent all as energy, " " However, yesterday happened like magic.I want to see your face again encouraged the idea that me moving again.Absolutely magic.I love you, really. "The political situation is also receiving his award, saying “nervous ahead of the concert, unforgettable memories forever will be the same.” in English and expressed themselves delighted.

The eldest brother is Netflix Mugunghwa, the film, ‘squid game’ topic of conversation.A parody of the game Younghee and cheerful thoughts began to talk.

Jin said, " Please take a look around, you.Do you not like the movies. " " I'm me and you're thinking about going to make a single movie like this.The film any efforts to create a shame, and even if they are trying to do my best. "And he said, " your life, such as making a film do you think I feel so good.Our film I look forward to working with you. so, to make until the end of life.Sugar is for seven, " Our performance was a huge challenge.You are old and go ...Smile, " said " solely in the face to face the performance of two years, we can concentrate on only seven behind the cue sheet with salty and they set the stage to the ready.So much fun today.Thank you, I love you, emphatically said.

" Today is the second day, and two more performances are bwi go back to Korea.Record at the camera, and when I'm afraid in Korea and will continue to spend a bit of, I want to come back here just don't have all you got applause, said.Finally, he said, " today and yesterday, eyes and a lot to get to hear your shout ‘Ami’ and go.Concert! " one more time in a dream today.

The performance on this day, and on the eve of the 50,000 3,000 people watched each.Bangtan Boys is taking it a step at a more open to perform on December 1st and 2nd.Met with about 20 million viewers, in four performances.
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