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BTS, the magic of 'Love Yourself' ... "I loved myself"

After a year and two months at Jamsil Olympic Main Stadium in Seoul, he met seven members of the group BTS and felt proud of himself.

What magic is this? BTS' world tour "Love Yourself: Speak Yourself – The Final," which took place at Jamsil Olympic Main Stadium in Seoul on the afternoon of the 29th, boosted the self-esteem of those who were together. The completion of the performance is through the interaction between the members and the fandom "Army."

BTS member V described the tour as "a matter of mutual concern" over the re-finishing of the tour at the Olympic Main Stadium, which started the tour. The repetition of the first kite or line at the end, usually in literature, is called Su-mi-relationship.

However, BTS's correlation with beauty is not just a repetition. I was here a year and two months ago, and I am now here, but the reality is different. I fell in love with myself (Love Yourself) and my voice (speak Yourself).

The reason why BTS is able to perform such magic is because of its tightly woven worldview of albums and tours.

BTS 'album' Love Yourself 'series is the' Theory 'that contains the message of' Love yourself 'in the BTS album album.

World Tour 'Love Yourself', which opened at the Olympic Stadium in Jamsil on August 25 and 26 last year, is a place to directly convey this message. This is the 'reality' side that embodies this with the stage method of BTS.

The tour was upgraded to a new edition along the way. The 'Love Yourself: Spike Yourself', which has been an extension of 'Love Yourself' since last May.

Stadium World Tour is a tour of a venue that accommodates more than 30,000 people. It is only possible if conditions such as fandom, number of hits, and performance capabilities are met. Britpop band 'Cold Play', which caused the syndrome while performing at the Olympic Stadium last year, tours at the stadium.

The Olympic Main Stadium is a large stadium with no ceiling. BTS members began with strong "Dionysus" and "Not Today" that made them forget the chilly weather with temperatures dropping below 10 degrees.

Jungkook said, "I gnashed my teeth for today's concert. I'll try my best. Suga also raised his voice, saying, "I will burn it to the ground and go," adding to the heat in the audience.

The performance at the Olympic Main Stadium on the day also announced that BTS has now been reborn as a "Stadium Artist" in name and reality.

During this 'Love Yourself' tour, BTS experienced a large venue in the world. In October of last year, the first Korean singer to perform in the United States, staged New York City Field, and rose to Rose Bowl Stadium in Los Angeles, USA in May.

In particular, he performed at the Wembley Stadium in London, England for the first time as a Korean singer in June, and made a big breakthrough in K-pop history. Wembley Stadium is a stage where only the top musicians in the world can climb. The charity performance 'Live Aid' was held, and Queen, Michael Jackson, Elton John, U2, Oasis, Beyonce, Madonna and Coldplay performed here. BTS, who experienced such a venue, showed better stage manners than when performing at the first Olympic main stadium.

The seven members filled the Olympic main stadium with solo. J-Hope 'Trivia Ki: Just Dance', Jungkook 'Eupria', Jimin 'Serendipity', RM 'Trivia W: Love', V 'Singularity', Sugar 'Trivia Jeon (轉) ): Seesaw ', Jean' Ippani ', etc., like the seven-colored rainbow, made each member's personality and enriched the performance.

The final destination of the 'Love Yourself' series was a delight. The BTS and Ami came to the conclusion of 'self-love' after worrying and wandering, and made their own voices to decorate the finale of the festival.

The whole performance on this day sounded like a hymn of life. The last song is 'Suzhou', which resonated in a theater full of lights. The BTS and 44,000 Army said, "We shine as we do / we shine as ourselves." On the day of 'Planting Amiran Stars in the Milky Way called Bulletproof', it touched the phrase of the main placard correctly. Amibaam (BTS cheering rod) riding the waves waved like the Milky Way.

Jeong Hye-young, a 30-year-old office worker in Guro-gu, said, "I've been awkward about expressing my expressions, and I've been afraid of acting, but as a child, I have the courage to do what I like."

The heat was not only inside the theater but also outside. Ami who didn't win the concert had a cheering contest behind the regret. During the day, Producer Bang Si-hyuk, a big hit representative who came to watch the performance on the day, captured the cameras of the media and fans, and posted real-time search terms on the portal site.

While BTS held the final performance at the same place on the 26th and 27th, Jamsil Bee was like 'BTS World'. The whole house of Seoul was overwhelmed by the festival atmosphere, with the pop-up store 'House of BTS' opened near Gangnam Station, and the crowd continued.

The festival is over, but life begins again. I realized that it was a great pleasure to gather 'poems for small things' in everyday life, so I got a thousand thousand horses. The play button of BTS and Ami is pressed again. The reason the journey ends is to start another journey. BTS 'new theory, practice, and practice are already waiting for you.

The last RM said with a red eye. "So if you ask me 'I love you', I don't know yet. But I feel like I can do that for some reason. 'Love Yourself, Spike Yourself' ends, but our journey to find a way to love us never ends. I want to join hands so that we can love ourselves. "

Seoul: Reporter Kim Jin-ah

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