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Group BTS clearly showed the "power of connection" with the "BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE" tour series.

BTS successfully wrapped up its four-time concert "BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE - LAS VEGAS" at Alligator Stadium in Las Vegas.

Starting with an online concert in October last year, they met fans around the world on the "BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE" tour, starting with an online concert in Los Angeles in November, Jamsil Stadium in Seoul in March this year, and Las Vegas Allegiant Stadium this month. More than 4 million people joined through offline performances, live viewing, and live streaming.

Through the BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE tour, BTS spread the message to the world that "You can dance as much as you want and without permission," making the meaning of the lyrics of PERMISSION TO DANCE a reality with ARMY. It was a festival that as many as 4 million people around the world enjoyed "without having to get permission" from someone.
BTS, BTS will soon record..."PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE" wrote this
■ There's no limit...STAGE is the place we enjoy everywhere

Fans around the world communicated and breathed with BTSs across boundaries, such as live viewing in the form of online and offline "hybrid" and online live streaming, which are not only offline concert halls but also concert halls. Wherever the space could be enjoyed together through innovation that transcends the physical limitations of the place, it was the stage.

About 459,000 people attended the offline performances held a total of 11 times (4 times in Los Angeles, 3 times in Seoul, and 4 times in Las Vegas) in the tour series. In Los Angeles, a total of 214,000 spectators gathered at the offline concert in two years since the "2019 BTS World Tour Love Yourself: SPEAK YOURSELF: THE FINAL" held in Seoul in 2019, and the Seoul concert attracted 45,000 spectators, the largest number since the COVID-19 Pandemic. According to the Las Vegas Allegiant Stadium, BTS is the only musician who has performed solo four times and attracted 200,000 viewers through four performances.

"LIVE PLAY" and live viewing, where you can watch the performance in real time through a separate screen, were also organized, and online live streaming was not omitted. More than 1.44 million people from all over the world participated in "LIVE PLAY," where they could watch performances live at movie theaters around the world, and live viewing, where they could gather at a separate place near the concert hall and enjoy the reality of the performance through the screen. Live streaming, which was performed in parallel with some episodes, was viewed in an average of 190 countries/regions.

As such, more than 4 million fans around the world participated in the festival called "BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE" tour series in various ways, including face-to-face performances, "LIVE PLAY," live viewing, and online live streaming.

■ The performance transformed the city into an innovative project...The venue of the festival that peaked with "The City
BTS's "power of connection" shone in "BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE - LAS VEGAS". "THE CITY," an innovative project that connects tours and cities, transformed Las Vegas into "BTS CITY" and invited many people to the middle of a spectacular festival.

The BTS extended the concept of performance. In March, a photo exhibition where visitors can see the preparation process and backstage for the Seoul concert, a large pop-up store installed outside the concert hall, CAF ' IN THE CITY, a BTS's favorite menu, and the world's top three fountain show "Belagio Fountain Show" combined BTSs and fans.

In addition, during the four days of the concert, Allegiant Stadium created a space to promote Korean culture and connected the world. The Korea Tourism Organization allowed audiences to try on hanbok and take pictures in flower kilns, and more than 10,000 people experienced it. Samyang Food also set up a "Fire Chicken Stir-fried Ramen Booth" to plan an event for the audience to participate in person, and an average of 10,000 people visited four times a day.
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