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Samsung Electronics-BTS to launch 'Galaxy S20+ BTS Edition' on July 9

In addition, the Galaxy S20+ BTS Edition is equipped with a dedicated theme that applies to lock screens, home screens, AODs, and icons, as well as a global fan community platform called Weverse.

The "Galaxy S20+ BTS Edition" package, designed with seven purple hearts symbolizing BTS members, includes stickers for BTS members to decorate smartphones and photo cards for collection.

"Galaxy S20+ BTS Edition" will be released in South Korea as a 5G model and cost 1,397,000 won.

Pre-booking will be held from July 1 to July 7 at online and offline stores of three mobile telecommunication businesses, Samsung Electronics' website, and Samsung Digital Plaza across the country. Pre-booked customers will be provided with a wireless charger BTS edition, specially-made cases and BTS bromide.

The "Galaxy Buzz+ BTS Edition" is also offered in a dedicated package designed with seven purple hearts. The same purple color was applied to earbirds, cradle and case, and BTS band logos and purple hearts were added to both earbirds, respectively.

The "Galaxy Buzz+ BTS Edition" includes Buzz+ smart cases and photo cards for collection that can be installed and used exclusively for BTS. The price is 220,000 won.

"Galaxy Buzz+ BTS Edition" will be available in advance from June 15 at Weverse Shop and Samsung Digital Plaza nationwide.For customers who pre-purchased the "Galaxy Buzz+ BTS Edition," Weverse Shop will offer a wireless charger BTS edition and a lenticular card on a first-come, first-served basis, and Samsung Digital Plaza will offer BTS bromide.

From June 19, it will also be available on Samsung Electronics' website, and customers who purchase it will be provided with a BTS edition of a wireless charger.

Samsung Electronics is also going to sell limited packages that can purchase both Galaxy S20+ BTS Edition and Galaxy Buzz+ BTS Edition. For the package, it can be purchased from the Samsung Electronics homepage, major Samsung Digital Plaza and Weverse Shop from June 19 to 28. The price is 1,584,000 won.

Customers who purchase the package will be able to receive the product sequentially. The company will present a wireless charger BTS edition, a specially-made case, and a bromide of BTS.

"The Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy Buzz+ BTS editions are the result of collaboration between BTS, which is spreading messages of love and harmony through music, and Samsung Electronics, which is creating a better future with meaningful innovation," said Choi Seung-eun, marketing manager at Samsung Electronics' wireless division. "We hope they will provide new joy and vitality to consumers around the world."

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