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BTS Releases 4th Studio Album “MAP OF THE SOUL :7”!
A heartfelt story of BTS and their search for their “realselves”

BTS will release their fourth studio album “MAP OF THESOUL : 7” on February 21.

Unveiled last year, the MAP OF THE SOUL seriescontains the honest and heartfelt story of BTS and theirjourney of discovering their true selves. The firstchapter of this story, “MAP OF THE SOUL : PERSONA”,sang about the world and the joy of love, and thediscovery of the self as it is displayed to the world;“MAP OF THE SOUL : 7” now turns inward to theshadow within in a candid acknowledgement that it,too, is part of the self.

“MAP OF THE SOUL : 7” looks back on the past sevenyears of BTS since their debut as seven members ofone team. The journey was not always smooth sailing,and there were special travails that they had to endurein their rise as global superstars. Now, understandingthat the scars left by those hardships is a part of theirreal selves, BTS accepts both “the self I want to show”and the “self I want to scorn” to at last tell their ownstory of finding their “real and complete selves”.

Bridging fine art and popular art through suchinitiatives as the global art project CONNECT, BTS andthe “Black Swan” art film featuring a modern danceinterpretation of the early-release track, BTS is poisedto show their latest growth as artist through “MAP OFTHE SOUL : 7”.
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