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<DYNAMITE> Newtro's ultimate retro style that will continue the disco craze, BTS 2021 Season's Greetings will be released!
A special edition photo book with a conceptual 80P and a calendar that allows you to select the image you want, as well as the photo and calendar surfaces are divided!

Mini posters reminiscent of LP records, double-sided photos, a hard-cover diary for a year, as well as a Polaroid DIY KIT consisting of Polaroids, stickers, stamp stickers, and masking tape, as well as a Polaroid mini album to store my own Polaroid!

The 85-minute DVD shows mini-corner such as making the filming site, a secondary character profile set by the members, and a future diary that they share, and the goals they talked about at last season's greeting and talked about new goals for 2021.


1. Outbox - 272×224×90 MM
2. Mini Poster - 144×144 MM / 13 EA 1 SET
3. Desk Calendar - 205*178MM / 13MONTHS
4. Diary - 160×220 MM / 104P
5. Photo Book - 160×220 MM / 80P
6. Making DVD
7. Polaroid Mini Album - 16P
8. Polaroid DIY KIT
- Polaroid 110×80×18 MM 16P / Sticker 105×160 MM 7EA 1 SET
- Stamp sticker 105×160 MM 1EA / masking tape 20 MM × 10M 1EA
9.4*6 PHOTO 102*152 / 1 random sheet inserted

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