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2018 섬머


BTS's full-fledged summer vacation in Saipan, a beautiful island surrounded by emerald-colored clean seas and mysterious colored coral reefs!

In 2018 BTS SUMMER PACKAGE VOL4, you can enjoy BTS's free time in Saipan in their own ways, including eating, sleeping, playing, shopping, water leisure, and travel videos. In activities to enjoy Saipan, you can see the cute stingray, off-road, and the best diving point.
Rader Beach, open fields, and resort swimming pools show the coolness of BTS overcoming the heat in a pictorial, and time to reminisce about the memories of the summer package, play loyal jackstones, and speak with your returned body!We had time to check BTS's friendship through back games.

The rich components of the 2018 BTS SUMMER PACKAGE VOL.4 are a travel topper that will make travel photos even brighter, and a Saipan guidebook full of vivid reviews and essential travel tips made by BTS only for ARMY!
200P high-definition photo book and mini poster, as well as a fun making DVD containing nearly 100 minutes!
The highly utilized outcase and ring-shaped straps made of strong carrier materials are randomly prepared in white and black versions, so you can feel two different charms.

■ Product composition & product specifications

OUT CASE(Random 1ea) + PHOTOBOOK(196P) + MAKING DVD(about 95min) + GUIDE BOOK(20P, Random 1ea) + MINI POSTER(7ea) + STRAP(Same color as an OUT CASE 1ea) + TRAVEL TOPPER(1ea)

Subtitle: Korean, English, Chinese (Korean, ENGLISH, CHINESE)
Dolby Digital Stereo
Running time: Approximately 95 minutes
Area code: 1,3,4,5,6

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