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2017 섬머 

[Product introduction]

BTS's dreamy summer vacation in a beautiful landscape with rainforests and beaches preserved!
The 2017 BTS SUMMER PACKAGE VOL.3 features an emerald private island, as well as BTS's refreshing appearance in the picturesque and spacious grasslands and the coolness of overcoming the heat while enjoying water leisure.
The game and the making of the filming site that went back to our childhood on the sand, and this summer package's special video! It was filled with about 80 minutes until the diary of the Coron video taken by the youngest director Jungkook himself.
Special goods ARMY FAN that we prepared to spend the hot summer well! The 2017 BTS SUMMER PACKAGE VOL.3 is more abundant than ever, with 8 types of ARMY FAN STICKER that can decorate the main with stickers you want


1. Composition: OUT BOX + PHOTOBOOK (196P) + MAKING DVD (about 80min) + ARMY FAN + ARMY FAN STICKER (8EA) + 1 of 7 SELFIE BOOK types (for each member) on page 12 are enclosed randomly

1. Subtitle: Korean, English, Chinese (Korean, ENGLISH, CHINESE)
2. Screen: NTSC 16:9 WIDE SCREEN
3. Sound: Dolby Digital Stereo
4. Running time: Approximately 80 minutes
5. Area code: 1,3,4,5,6

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