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 2016 시그

 [Product introduction]

The BTS is responsible for the year 2016.
With BTS in 2016!
BTS 2016 Season's Greetings with a more fruitful structure and fun D.I.Y!

-2016 Calendar
-2016 Diary
-Making DVD
-Greeting Card
-Poster Calendar

[Detailed information]
Configuration: TIN CASE (Advanced Teen Case)
SIZE : 295mm*225mm*44mm
Others: The outer case is an anti-impact agent to protect the product.

1. 2016 Calendar_Calendar, horizontal desk calendar with photos and memos with various charms of BTSs, with 14 pages/28 pages including cover, with a relaxed composition of 2016 1 - 2017 1 / 13 months, and a handwritten signature and message page added
Size_Size: 280 mm × 200 mm

2. 2016 Diary_Diary, a hardcover diary consisting of 132 pages including a cover
Composed of photos, highly available Monthly Plan and 3 types of Memo pages
Size_Size: 136 mm × 202 mm

3. Making DVD_Full making video of Season's Greetings shooting site that shines in 45 minutes!
Region code 1,3 / Korean voice, subtitles (Korean, English, Chinese)

4. Sticker_sticker, joy, sadness, anger, feisty, even timid! Domu song sticker that expresses your emotions in your own style
Size_Size: 124 mm × 136 mm / 1 set (7 ea)

5. Pop-up pop-up, a pop-up that allows members to decorate the month of their birth in three dimensions. On the back of the picture, a self-birthday message!
Size_Size: 110 mm × 185 mm / 1 set (5 ea)

6. Greeting Card_New Year's card, members' handwritten message card to Dear A.R.M.Y
Size_Size: 196 mm × 130 mm

7. Poster Calendar_Poster Calendar, a poster calendar that gives you a quick, at-a-glance look at BTS group photos and 2016 dates
Size_Size: 560 mm × 400 mm

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