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Hyundai Motor and BTS Spread Hydrogen (H2) Message to Water (H2O) for Environment Day

Hyundai Motor announced on the 5th that it will release a digital video of its "Global Hydrogen Campaign" with BTS to mark Environment Day.

According to the company on the 4th, the video was specially produced with BTS so that millennials could approach the "hydrogen (H2) energy more friendly. BTS members used "H2O," the source of hydrogen, to convey the meaning of hydrogen.

In the video, the members expressed hope for a better future to be portrayed with hydrogen, including the message "A small drop of water for a better future," which is the source of good energy "hydrogen."

Along with the digital video release, Hyundai Motor will launch the "#PositiveEnergy Challenge," an SNS event that allows customers to participate directly. It is an event to share the message delivered by BTS on the 5th and 19th through the video social media "TikTok" by taking a video of them singing after hearing the message from BTS.

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