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BTS Jimin, promote D-14 for your new single.Just two seconds. ARMY's heart. Explosion.
BTS (BTS) Jimin's doll-like beret styling excited fans in just two seconds.

BTS released a promotional video for its new digital single "Dynamite," which is scheduled to be released on the 21st, through its official Instagram story at midnight on the 7th.

BTS The members aroused curiosity by using retro-emotional application filters that exploded the 'Dynamite' letters.

Among them, Jimin, wearing a white shirt and a black jacket with beautiful features and flawless skin, pointed to the word "dynamite" with his index finger, drawing attention.

It also matched a black beret and bold earring to suit black and white fashion, making fans excited by its cute and fashionable styling, which is a muse of the global fashion industry.

Fans say, "The styling is unique like a global fashionista." "The beret is perfect because of its clear features and small face.', '2 seconds? I've already fallen in love at first sight."" proved its global popularity by being on the chart of Japan's Twitter trend analysis site "Twipple" with a series of responses.

Meanwhile, BTS, which reported the release of a digital single in English through V LIVE, released its title "Dynamite" and released its promotion schedule on its official SNS on the 5th, raising expectations for the new song.
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