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BTS Jimin, customized sneakers full of 'Cherry Blossom Emotions'..."Amazing dexterity."

Jimin's extraordinary dexterity of the group BTS caught the attention of fans.

On the 27th, Jimin tweeted, "We customized it! On the left, Hobie posted two pictures with a message saying, "I did it on the right!"

The released photos showed BTS decorating their own individuality in Fila's white slip-on shoes, where they are models.

J-Hope drew a picture that seemed to have had an effect by blowing paint through his mouth on his sneakers, while Jimin captured an impressive tree with pink petals on his sneakers.

The lovely tree full of pink is impressive. It's like a cherry blossom tree. The fluttering cherry blossoms and leaves piled up on the floor added to the emotional atmosphere.

Fans who saw the photos responded, "It's a pink tree that looks like Jimin," "You're good at drawing," and "I want to buy these sneakers."

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