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A special commencement address from BTS, "Your Future Will Be Beautiful."
The group BTS gave congratulatory speeches and performances for graduates from all over the world graduating this year at the online virtual graduation ceremony "Dear Class of 2020" held by YouTube.

On the afternoon of the 7th (U.S. time), the online virtual graduation ceremony "Dear Class of 2020" was broadcast on YouTube Original. YouTube organized the virtual graduation to celebrate college students, high school students and their families around the world at a time when Corona 19 made it difficult to hold offline graduation ceremonies.

BTS was the only Korean artist to participate, and was invited as a special speaker along with former U.S. President Barack Obama and Google CEO Sundar Pichai to congratulate numerous graduates.

BTS, which started a special congratulatory speech by appearing in suits, cheered for the future of graduates from all over the world, recalling memories of their different graduation ceremonies.

RM said, "There was a lot going on in 2020, but you did it. "I sincerely support your leap forward in music, in each other's hearts, in time to break your limits, but we will always be together. Now we're looking at each other through small cameras and monitors, but the future you're going to bloom in will be much bigger and more beautiful."

"My graduation ceremony is recorded on BTS' YouTube channel. At the beginning and end of high school, there were always members," he said. "Now I am here believing in myself, trusting in the members, and believing in the world." I hope you will take a step forward for yourself in the future and continue to run."

Jin said, "I remember a little different graduation. He didn't make his debut (as a singer) and was an ordinary graduate who was about to enter college. "I was afraid to become an adult, and I was so scared to go out into a strange world that I was careful about my words, actions, everything," he recalled, and told the graduates, "If you don't know where to go, don't be impatient and stop for a moment. This moment may be an opportunity given to us. "If you take a step forward, you will see precious things that you didn't know before," he said.

Suga said, "I hope you don't get scared or nervous about not being able to make a nice knot or start a new one. "The beginning and the end and the end and the beginning are connected," he said. "There are things that you can do now. It's only to focus on myself, to break the mold. I hope you will show us whether you are dreaming big dreams and taking a step closer to the limitless possibilities when we meet again. Your chances are limitless," he said.

Jimin said, "I sincerely congratulate you on your graduation. In fact, I'm very worried if you're not sick, if you're having a hard time, and if you're enduring this time well," he said. "I hope you never. I hope you remember that there is someone here in Korea and in Seoul who understands me. We are all in different circumstances and different situations, but at least at this moment, I hope we all comfort each other by saying, "It's okay."

J-Hope said, "When I make a song and dance, I sometimes come to a dead end. "When my head turns white and it becomes difficult to move forward any more, the idea of 'just one more time' raises me up," he said. "If I keep going like this, I'll constantly wonder if I'm doing well or if I fail. When that happens, remember that it is myself who leads my life.

V said, "On a very special day, congratulations on your graduation. "Everyone is fighting against the reality that's not easy, but I hope you remember this moment by leaving a picture and a line of writing." "If you can't see what you're going to do before you graduate, and if you're having a hard time, lean on your heart. Even if it's a little hard right now, wouldn't there be a chance and luck somewhere at the end? I will try to remember this day as a good memory over time. And I hope I can hear your story someday."

Following their sincere congratulatory speech, BTS also participated in a virtual graduation after party, singing "Boy With Luv (Feat. Halsey)," "Spring Day" and "Mikrokosmos" in succession. Last but not least, she took to the stage and decorated the finale of the online virtual graduation ceremony with a pleasant yet warm atmosphere, depending on the color of the song.

Meanwhile, in addition to BTS, former U.S. President Barack Obama, Google CEO Sundar Pichai, singers Lady Gaga and Beyonce, Alicia Keys, civic activist Malala Yousafzai Youafa, Google's online virtual graduation ceremony "Dear Class of 2020."
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